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Media representatives wishing to interview a Rent-A-Hacker representative or requesting permission for reprint, link or quotation rights are encouraged to contact us.  Our press releases are introduced through traditional channels thus are not archived here.

Rent-A-Hacker has been the subject of a considerable amount of press coverage over the years.  The company President, John "Cobras" Klein, was featured in an hour-long Japanese network television special entitled "Hacker!" that received international critical acclaim.  Cobras and a number of our high-profile professional hackers have been interviewed for articles in almost every major newspaper and technical publication in the US and a number of foreign media.

Below is a select group of reprints that we've made available here because the original site either charges for access, is too hard to find, or no longer posts the article on their site:

Computer Power User Magazine does Anatomy of a Hack with a sidebar "Day in the Life of a White Hat".
Smart Business Magazine talks about hiring hackers.
A front-page article from The Chicago Daily Herald.
ComputerUser Magazine Online E-Business Feature
Entrepreneur Magazine mini-feature "Hack Away"
Smart Computing Magazine cover spotlight article entitled "Today's Hacker: Heavenly or bound for hell?" and does in in-depth interview in the sidebar "Is Encryption Safe?"
CNN seems to like to link to our site in any story about hacking, but they actually quoted me in this one.
The American Bar Association Journal eReport about how few law firms have firewalls.








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